Heros Journey!


How is everyone out there?  Are you seeing those inexplicable things?  I am feeling like my senses are heightened and I am living with a great sense of expectancy.  I am seeing new opportunities show up in my world; opportunities that I am excited about and that I know are hand crafted especially for me.  Opportunities where I can use my gifts and talents and be a blessing to the earth.  Great challenges where I can “sow” into other  people’s lives and love them whether they love me or not.  What a liberating feeling!  I am feeling emboldened not to sell my services away too cheap; but trust the process and hold out for the rates that I really want.  Where I believe the value is really there.  I am as bold as a lion and I will inspire people to live within the realm of possibilities.  I will not be of those who shrink back in fear!!

I am starting to teach a wellness class at my church and I will share the idea of making the gratitude index cards to teach THEIR subconscious brains how great and awesome they are and how easy it is to get healthy!  Duplication baby!  I am moving and flowing in my gifts and trusting Father to bring His plans and purposes to a grand finish in my life.


Life is still good and we are still healing.


For my family.  Will, Jess, Malc, Nick, Bethany and Mitch


Week Number 18 of the Heroes Journey, Imagine

This week by word was “imagine.”  This has always been an area I have felt weak in.  Imagine.  when I was a little girl trying to play with other little girls, I always struggled to make the Barbies talk and move.  I never knew why that was.  As I grew older, I became to realize that I did not use this part of my brain as much as some people.  Part of this marvelous class has taught me to dream, visualize, and Imagine what is not seen what the physical eye.  To imagine the weekly checks that will come into my bank account.  To imagine out second home in Costa Rica.  To see a Hospitality ministry flowing out of our home with Bible Studies, and small groups, with paid help so I am freed us from all of the busy work involved with that.  To realize my team exploding with new partners and customers every month and have the widsom and vision to lead them.  Even to imagine my grandchildren is so exciting.  To hold those creative thoughts in my head and KNOW that they are coming true is such an amazing, and BIBLICAL way of doing life.  I love it.  To live within the world of possibilities is a joy.  Jesus told people, Blessed are those who believe, and have NOT seen”  I believe  I believe.  And Abraham, in Romans 4, “considered not” his own body or the fact that Sarahs’ womb was as good as dead, but was fully persuaded that God could do what He had  promised.


From Virginia this morning, I confess I am Fully Persuaded.


Are you?



Keep Going on this Journey. Week 17 HJ

The East Coast is emerging from the crazy snow storm.  It seems like I easily get off track.  ;(  My old blueprint must be really HARD wired into my subconscious.  I was dashing to and fro looking for snow bibs, gloves from yesteryear, watching the fascinating blizzard and wondering what the homeless were doing, making soup, preparing the hill for sledding, and I would eyeball those MasterMind Materials and promise myself to get to in in a little while.  UGGGGG.  Oh Liz!  Subby was getting hungry doing the snowstorm I am sad to report.  So many excuses I made to myself!  Girl in the Glass was not happy with me.  But I still love you Liz.

Starting again with courage and commitment is humbling to say the least.

Because of the internet and being snowed in I could not watch the Webinar until this morning at 6 am when we have free data.  So I did.  I am always so inspired and challenged as our teachers seem to know EXACTLY what to say at EXACTLY the right time.

What would keep me from answering the call?  I hear it in my spirit.  I need it in my life.  I have people around me who believe in me.  So ANSWER THE CALL LIZ.  I am what I will to be.

The world within is shaping the world without.  Think about what  you’re thinking about.  Train your son to think about what he is thinking about.  Encourage those in your life to never be satisfied with ordinary when we are created for greatness.  Greatness does not mean fame or money, greatness to me means being satisfied, joyful, patient in trials, in close emotional relationships with loved ones, in tune with the MASTER TEACHER KING JESUS.  Greatness is serving others without being concerned about what you “get back”.

Greatness is worth fighting for.


The Hero Within is Emerging Week 17

Dear World,

Some significant changes have come upon us, especially relating to finances.  I find that because of this marvelous training I have been blessed with, I am not even worried.  My mind and heart and spirit and programed for success.  Period.  My subconscious is being rewired and my old blueprint is fading.  Yippee!  Thought plus enthusiasm equals the change we need.       I am looking for discipline this week and I find the most important discipline is of the mind.  Taking every thought captive to Christ has taken on new meaning!  Little negative thoughts will try and crawl across my mind and yours at any given moment.  I think of it this way,  a bird may fly across your head but you do not need to let him build a nest.  Think about what you are thinking about!  And your thoughts must be thoughts of great quality.   Who knew that thoughts were being judged on quality?  I am sure most of us do not really spend too much time thinking about what we’re thinking about.  Creating new neural pathways is a fascinating and intriguing idea and one I am determined to master.  Break off the old and bring in the new.  New season, New Year, New Day, New way of doing life.  Do it now.

Do it Now.  Do it now.  Do it Now.

See you at the top,


Week 16 and a sweet 2016 is on the way.

No, it’s here!  Time to get excited about this year.  Stop RIGHT NOW and get happy.  Lets stop WAITING for some mysterious set of circumstances to finally appear.  It’s an attitude right now!  Am loving the kindness journey.  One thing I always ask myself is this.  “What’s it like to be Tom?  What’s it like to be Susie?  What is it like to walk in my brother’s shoes for one day?  To face what he faces?  To struggle with his demons?  To shut my ears to the negative voices he hears? ”   This will always curb the tendency to be critical and self-serving.  And when it comes to judging others and being frustrated with their attitudes, behaviors or failures; I like to say this to myself.  “They are just not well. Not well.”  Instead of “they are rude, selfish, insensitive.”  It lands softer doesn’t it?  to think of them as having some brokenness?  as we all do?  Is there any perfect among us except Jesus?

In a few years, the stuff that we are so riled up about right now will not even matter?  You know what matters?  Is standing before the Lord when earthly life is over and knowing you fulfilled the  purpose He designed for you.  In caring about what He cares about.  Souls.  People.  Snatching people out of hell.

So in taking the Hero’s Journey, you are helping yourself be true to your CORE.  Your inner man.   A friend of mine was just saying this morning that after looking at their bills, she is wondering if she should go back to teaching. sigh. OLD BLUEPRINT. How well I know it.  Trust the journey and do the work that most are not willing to do.

Our personal circumstances have changed again!  Because of this wonderful class and community of people, I am not even worried.

Sweet 16.

Signing off,



A Hero’s Journey Week 15

It’s FRIDAY!  I am wondering what fresh and inspiring life moments I have to share with you.  I loved the webinar from last week.  Piggy backing on Ben Franklin’s work is pretty darn awesome.  My #1 struggle would be organization and sure enough, it kept showing up all week as I focused on it.  I am organized!  I am!  I am.  All of the exercises are falling into place.  My favorite one has to be the flashcards.  So awesome to add the gratitude cards every week AND to rehearse all the accomplishments in life.  I have shared this concept with people I am connected to and everyone thinks it is a fabulous idea.  The most powerful ideas are usually the simplest.

I have changed “I can be what I will to be” to “I AM what I will to be.”  Cross the line!  Believe and Receive.  It is done!  We Will finish strong by doing all that Subby propels us toward.  We will recognize and leave the old blueprint back in 2015.  You are there with your future self and what a beautiful, strong, happy person she/he is.

I love how this courses meshes so often with Scripture.  Jesus taught people to walk by faith and believe before they see.  Those people were who he called the BLESSED ones.  Waiting to see the manifestation does not require one ounce of faith, right?  In heaven, we won’t need any faith!  So exercise your faith right now!  Do it NOW.  Hebrews 11:1 says “NOW, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  And Paul also told us in Romans to be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our MINDS!  And of course the Bible is full of the word “thoughts.”

Funny thing, as I was leaving Barnes and Noble last week where I have to go to watch the webinar because of our data challenges, a book practically jumped off the shelf at me.  It was titled THOUGHTS ARE THINGS.

I thought of those Intrinsic things that show up and of the fabulous Davene.

I think I will start a page in my workbook called INTRINSIC THINGS.

Because I am so organized!



A Good Lie Week 14 of this Journey

A Good Lie

I watched with my daughter this week and we both felt uplifted and encouraged.  Yes, it was a story of persistence, but what struck me more was the sacrifice.  At the end, one man laying down his life for his brother.  Amazing and just what our Savior, Jesus Christ did for us.  Greater  love has no man than this.

With patience and a determination to persist, all things are possible in the new year.

I always keep my promises.  I am faithful to my exercises everyday and my subconscious is accepting my new reality because of the demand I am placing on it.

It is a wonderful new year.